My fascination with food has been insatiable since a young age. I was captivated by the kitchen, the alluring fragrances, and the mouthwatering flavors. It was fascinating to see how ingredients were magically transformed into something brand-new and delicious. My journey began in Switzerland, a country known for its kindness. I had the privilege of studying the intricate processes that take place in the kitchen there with the renowned International Culinary Team of Switzerland.

I pursued further growth of my culinary craft at Le Cordon Bleu after developing a strong foundation. This prestigious institution not only gave me extensive training in culinary arts but also created the foundation for my understanding of French cuisine, the basis of contemporary culinary practices.

To learn more, I embarked on a journey to Florence, Bangkok, and Shanghai, where I had the privilege of experiencing and learning from some of the finest culinary schools. As soon as I got back to India, I had a vision for a company that would focus on excellent food while also meeting all of the needs of clients. “The Supper Club’ was created as a result of my idea, displaying my dedication to offering a comprehensive culinary experience.