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Who We Are ?

We are The Supper Club. A Gourmet Catering service designed to fulfil your needs. With an experience in catering for events ranging from Weddings, Corporate meets and
Private parties, we strive to provide a seamless and stress-free experience
for both clients and our guests, so that, all they have to do is indulge
in our culinary delights.

Each of our Menus has been crafted by Le Cordon Bleu Head Chef Savar Duggal , Our noted clientele includes
Jaya Bachchan, Anshu Jain(of Deutsche Bank), Lushen Dubey, Rohit Bal,
Pernod Ricard, Mathiu Ferman (IBIS Hotels), Mukul Rohtagi of DCM Shriram, Nike, Adidas, Embassies of
Belgium, Israel, France and Switzerland, Jindal Steel, Mukul Rohtagi,
DCM Shriram Industries, Foodtalk India, FordFoundation,
Motherland, Chanel, McKinsey and Longchamp.

Why Us

Why People choose us ?

At The Supper Club, we understand the importance of your event and each element from presentation, Service, Quantity and Variety is thought through and executed precisely on our clients brief.

Our strength

The Supper Club values

To craft a quality gourmet experience for our clients, that ensures the highest standards at each step. Sourcing from safe and trusted supplies we use farm fresh ingredients wherever possible. Safety and Hygiene is our utmost priority.


The Supper Club in its truest form is when a Chef invites people into his home and cooks them a meal from the depths of his heart. We wish to translate this feeling into a catering environment. Putting our practical knowledge to use, we created a company that follows the highest form of hygiene and safety processes, the procurement of quality ingredients and the love that goes into creating a dish.

At The Supper Club we provide customised and intimate menus for our clients and we ensure the highest quality end product. Over the years through our Bespoke menus, we have added dishes to our repertoire that came directly from clients, through their personal culinary experiences or through their dietary and allergic requirements. Through strategic partnerships we became a one stop shop for all your event requirements. We strive to constantly evolve and provide unique experiences for our clients. Our aim was and always is to provide Something Different.

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